Before & After: Thermage CPT and Fat Grafting

Thermage CPT before and after.

As time passes, the body does not produce as much collagen as it used to. With that said, the Thermage procedure was developed to decrease the signs of aging skin. Here, you will find the result after Dr. Salomon conducted a Thermage CPT and 60 cc’s of fat grafting to the lateral jawline, the marionette lines, the nasolabial and the nasojugal folds, the cheeks, the temporal fossa, the 11 lines and the lips after one week. Since Thermage is a non-invasive treatment, patients will not have to go through downtime and scarring. However, minimal redness occurs but also immediately disappears a little while after the treatment. This specific patient was able to get back to work two days after and was very happy with the outcome.

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