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Liposuction in Miami with Dr. Jhonny Salomon

With the ability to resculpt your body and create the shape you’ve always wanted, it’s no surprise that liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in Miami, Florida. The attention to detail and expert care that Dr. Jhonny Salomon provides will let you enjoy the lifechanging results of liposuction this year.

As one of Miami’s most prestigious plastic surgeons, Dr. Salomon can ensure that your vision of beauty and health becomes a reality.

About Miami Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Jhonny Salomon


With the ability to resculpt your body and create the shape you’ve always wanted, it’s no surprise that liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in Miami, Florida. The attention to detail and expert care that Dr. Jhonny Salomon provides will let you enjoy the lifechanging results of liposuction this year.

As one of Miami’s most prestigious plastic surgeons, Dr. Salomon can ensure that your vision of beauty and health becomes a reality.

The Gold Standard to Unlock Your Inner Beauty

Genetics, lifestyle, and diet choices all play their part in how we look and feel. Fat cells are distributed throughout your body in the early stages of life. Once your figure takes form, it can be incredibly difficult to sculpt your body naturally. Liposuction in Miami allows for spot reduction, targeting the areas where you need permanent trimming and sculpting. By removing fat deposits, you will create a figure that is life-lasting. Even if you gain weight, your figure will remain proportionately intact.


Liposuction and liposculpting are not simply about losing weight. They’re about creating the body shape that you’ve always desired. If your goal is to sculpt while also changing your overall figure and weight, then post-operative exercise and nutritional choices will help you to achieve your goals.

As an expert in his field, Dr. Jhonny Salomon will develop a pre and post-surgery plan so that your goals can be met. His professionalism, care, and focus on your needs is unsurpassed in Miami or anywhere else.

Liposuction Can Be Used to Target Common Problem Areas


Esteemed plastic surgeon Dr. Jhonny Salomon will consult with you to determine your medical needs and your cosmetic goals. Procedures will be performed in line with accepted industry standards and regulations. In cases where liposuction is not the best solution for a particular outcome, Dr. Salomon will recommend effective alternatives.

Dr. Salomon’s Miami Liposuction Technique

As a highly trained surgeon and a prestigious member of the medical community, Dr. Salomon follows all recognized standards when performing liposuction in Miami.

For targeted fat removal, tumescent liposuction is the technique that is employed in the majority of all cases. This is considered to be the most effective technique. Statistically, it is also the safest.

There are several benefits available with tumescent liposuction. These include:

  • Reduced post-surgical pain.
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling.
  • Reduced skin irregularities.
  • Faster recovery times.

Liposuction once came with a host of concerning side effects. Recovery periods were relatively long. Today, innovative surgeons like Dr. Salomon follow a careful tumescent liposuction procedure to ensure patients are more comfortable with faster results.


The procedure involves using a larger dosage of local anesthetic other compounds like epinephrine and lidocaine. The solution is injected directly into the area of the body where liposuction will occur.

The solution causes fat to swell and firm. Dr. Salomon’s talent and experience results in smoother fat extraction with minimal bleeding.

Compared to older liposuction methods, the tumescent technique also allows for more fat to be removed in one procedure. This can reduce the total number of procedures that are required to achieve the desired fat removal and sculpting results. This could save significant costs and time for you as a patient.

Liposuction is an invasive procedure, but you may have outdated ideas about the equipment that is used. A cannula, the technical name for a small metallic rod, is inserted through a small puncture in the skin to remove fat buildup. The rod usually ranges from 3.0 to 3.7mm in diameter. The small size is one of the reasons why Dr. Salomon’s liposuction technique comes with reduced recovery time and almost no chance of visible long term scarring.

In addition to the local anesthetic, procedures are performed under sedation. You will be resting comfortably throughout Miami liposuction, and you will usually be able to leave the surgery within 60 minutes of the procedure being completed.

Dissolvable or removable sutures are used, depending on skin type. Single sutures on each small incision allow efficient draining and fine line healing that is virtually invisible without close inspection.

A full recovery is often made within a matter of days. You will be able to return to work and normal activities within a week.

Revisional Liposuction with Dr. Jhonny Salomon

Throughout his years of training and involvement in the cosmetic surgery industry, Dr. Salomon has performed countless revisional liposuction procedures. One of the most common problems to occur is when patients have received poor quality liposuction procedures with overcorrection.


Irregular procedures are a challenge for the industry. They are often displayed in magazines and internet articles, warning the public about the danger of liposuction. Like any surgical procedure, liposuction does come with risk. Most of that risk exists in the hands of the surgeon.

Dr. Salomon’s track record inspires confidence. His Miami Plastic Surgery & Med Spa has an average review score of 4.9 from hundreds of satisfied patients. If you have experienced poor results elsewhere, you can have confidence knowing that Dr. Salomon’s revisional liposuction can correct the mistakes and give you the results that were originally promised.

Dr. Salomon is as much an artist as he is a medical practitioner. If overcorrection has left you with a body that is irregular, then his revisional techniques will be essential.


Fat grafting can be used to harvest unwanted fat to sculpt problem areas. Non-surgical techniques can also be used for correction. In your initial consultation, Dr. Salomon will look at your unique shape to determine the best course of action. You will be kept fully informed and be given choices when they are available.

Safer Surgeries with Better Results

It’s understandable that you will have some anxiety ahead of your surgery. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are comfortable and fully aware of all procedures before you are sedated. Liposuction can be lifechanging. It’s not a decision to be rushed. Dr. Salomon’s professionalism means that you will never feel pressured or uninformed about liposuction, sculpting procedures, or revisional surgery.

There are limitations to liposuction and there are some complications that can occur. No work will be performed without your full consent and a mutual understanding of all the risks.

You’ll benefit from Dr. Salomon’s advanced training, his professional surgical team, and a board-certified anesthesiologist. We remove risk factors so that you will feel more comfortable with your decision.

About Dr. Salomon

Choosing a plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your health, as well as your appearance, will be in the hands of your surgeon. You need to have complete confidence before you commit to liposuction in Miami.

Dr. Jhonny Salomon attended Boston University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Medical Science in 1987. Regular nominations for the Dean’s List during undergraduate studies helped Dr. Salomon to gain early acceptance to medical school. He received his Doctorate from Boston University in 1991 and was pledged in the Honor Medical Society.

After earning his Doctorate, Dr. Salomon has been highly active in the medical community. He served his residency in General Surgery at the University of Connecticut. His Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency was served at Brown University. He was a fellow in Craniofacial Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and has been Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for over 20 years.

Dr. Salomon has been published in numerous prestigious scientific and medical journals. His research has been presented in plastic surgery forums and he is internationally renowned for his expertise, innovation, and medical insights.

If you want the confidence that comes from the best plastic surgeon in Miami, it’s time to talk to Dr. Jhonny Salomon.

Modern liposuction procedures can allow you to take your trouble spots, eliminate or sculpt them, and create the body that reflects the beauty you feel inside.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact the Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today. Your consultation will open a world of possibilities with advanced procedures that provide unrivaled results.


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