Body Thermage

Body thermage can be used effectively to treat many areas including:

Body by thermage procedures can help smooth, tighten and deep-contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance.

Tighter skin with improved tone. After the procedure, some patients report a measurably smaller waist, looser fitting clothing, and skin that feels firmer.

Smoother skin texture. Many patients see noticeable reductions in deep wrinkles and healthier skin texture over all.

Flatter and softer stretch marks. After treatment, many patients say their stretch marks are smoother and less noticeable as their skin tightens.

Reduced sagging. In general, patients with mild to moderate skin laxity experience some contouring and lifting immediately and a younger looking belly button over time.

If you´ve had a baby, lost weight or simply want a tighter, younger looking tummy, the Tummy by Thermage™ procedure may be for you. The Tummy by Thermage procedure is non-invasive, generally requires only a single treatment in your clinician´s office and you can quickly get back to your normal routine. A handpiece with a smooth, flat tip delivers radiofrequency energy, which safely heats the deeper layers of your skin. This stimulates existing collagen and promotes new collagen growth over time, resulting in smoother, tighter skin.


The Procedure The procedure usually takes one to two hours. When the energy is applied, you´ll feel a deep, but brief, heating sensation, which is an indication that collagen is reaching effective temperatures for tightening. To protect the surface of your skin, a cooling spray is delivered before, during and after each application of energy. You will be asked for feedback on the level of heat sensation experienced during the procedure to help balance your comfort with maximum results.


The Results Like all Tummy by Thermage procedures, everyone can expect collagen tightening. The magnitude of visible improvement varies from subtle to dramatic. Generally, some improvement is immediately visible and continues up to six months as new collagen forms in the skin. Results can last for years depending on your skin condition and aging process.


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