Myers Cocktail

Myers’ Cocktail is a form of intravenous nutrient therapy that involves injecting a “cocktail” of nutrients, containing magnesium, calcium, B12, B6, B complex, and vitamin C, directly into the bloodstream to improve energy capacity and cell function. When energy levels are high and cells can function at their best, patients are more likely to recover from acute and chronic conditions.



The idea behind the Myers’ Cocktail is that many common conditions are caused by abnormalities that prevent patients from fully absorbing the nutrients in their food. This can occur in patients with digestive problems (bloating, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease) as well as with patients suffering from many conditions that cause the body to use up nutrients at a much faster rate for healing. These patients can quickly find relief by replenishing these vital nutrients.


The reason an IV is necessary is because your digestive system is bypassed and a much higher level of nutrition is directly delivered to your cells throughout the bloodstream. Although individual results may vary, patients have used Myers’ Cocktail as a safe and effective treatment to help assist with the following clinical conditions:

The typical frequency for Myers’ Cocktail is 1x per week for a month, then 1-2x per month. The infusion takes about 1/2 half hour. The therapy must be used with caution in individuals that have conditions associated with low potassium. Many individuals request repeat infusions. The cost for this treatment is $150.



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