Dimple Surgery

Dimple Surgery in Miami Florida

Many people are turning to plastic surgery for dimple creation. You can use surgery to have permanent dimples created. When performed properly, the surgical procedure used to create dimples is quite simple and safe.


Most people like dimples, and people who were born with dimples are considered to be blessed. Having dimples created through plastic surgery can provide that cute appearance that you’ve been looking for. In most cases, dimple creation is possible with local anesthesia.


How Do Dimples Form Naturally? A dimple that has formed naturally is the result of a small defect in cheek musculature. In most cases, the defect is in the buccinators. The muscle defect causes skin to stick to underlying connective tissue; this is how a natural dimple forms.


Dimple Creation Procedure The plastic surgery needed to create a dimple is quite simple, and it can be used to stimulate the process that creates a natural dimple. For the creation of a dimple to be successful, a small incision must be made to the inside of the patient’s cheek.


Since the incision is made on the inside of the cheek, there is no need to worry about a scar. After the incision is made, an absorbent suture is sent through the innards of the cheek. The absorbent suture catches the under portion of the skin, and it will create a dimple in the desired location. Once the suture has been tired, it will cause a dimple to form in overlying skin.


When the surgery is first performed, there is a good chance the dimple will be visible, and it might show even when the patient isn’t smiling. It might take days or possibly weeks for the dimple to only show when the patient is smiling. Even after the suture has been absorbed, scarring on the inside of the muscle and skin will create the permanent dimple.

The size or type of cheek that you have doesn’t matter; dimple surgery will still work. You can choose where they want the dimple, or they can have the surgeon choose the optimal location for the dimple. In most cases, dimple surgery should only take about 20 minutes.


The dimples created by this surgery look and feel natural, and most people would have trouble telling the difference. It’s important to understand that this surgery produces permanent results. The majority of patients experience minor swelling in their cheek.


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