The Different Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

There are many medical terms related to rhinoplasty that can be confusing to patients. Below is a list with description of the different types of rhinoplasty that can be performed – depending on what the patient needs.

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What Is A Closed Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty performed inside the nose without external incisions. It works well when the only issue you have to deal with is the dorsum and narrowing the bony part of the nose, it also works well for any work in the septum. It works less well if work on the tip also has to be performed.

What is an open rhinoplasty

The structures of the nose are exposed completely and there is an excision in the columella. The nose is usually degloved completely and then the structures are then put together in a more organized and defined fashion. It works well for almost any nasal deformity including tip work, dorsal work, bony work, septal work, and nostril repositioning work. This is the most common rhinoplasty performed today.

What is structural rhinoplasty

Structural rhinoplasty is often performed with an open approach. As the name suggests, the structures of the nose are taken apart and then put together rebuilding the nose. Often different types of grafts are need to be added in order to build the new structure in a solid fashion.

What is preservation rhinoplasty

This is relatively new trend in which the original structure and ligaments are left as intact as possible, and the deformities of the nose are addressed by removing structures below the visible dorsum and tip of the nose.

What is a rhinoplasty with a rib graft

A rhinoplasty with a rib graft is usually a secondary rhinoplasty after the dorsum has been overly resected but it could be a primary as well. A Rib graft is needed when the dorsum is extremely low, and a lot of cartilage is needed to rebuild the dorsum and maintain the tip.

What is the difference between a primary and a secondary rhinoplasty

A primary rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty performed on a virgin nose that has not been operated before and is usually much more simple than a secondary or a rev rhinoplasty. A revision rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty performed after the first procedure was not successful and usually requires rebuilding of the nose with cartilage graft and correction of small details and asymmetry. A secondary rhinoplasty is usually much more complex than a primary.

What is a tip rhinoplasty

A tip rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty when work only has to be done to the tip of the nose. And is usually a secondary rhinoplasty where the rest of the nose looks in a good equilibrium, but some details are need to be added to the tip.

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The Different Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures