Behind the Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery

The popularity of cosmetic procedures is on the rise. Both men and women are seeking ways to enhance their figures, even if that means turning to a plastic surgeon for some guidance. With such interest turned towards this field of medicine, one might wonder what procedures are the most sought after and which ones are getting the most attention.

Of course, pondering these queries might lead to some interesting conclusions. For example, one might believe that the most sought after cosmetic procedure is rhinoplasty, or that faceliftsare what is trending right now in the field of plastic surgery. While these procedures are popular, you may be surprised to know that you are currently sitting on the part of the body that more and more people are looking to improve.

That’s right, people everywhere have realized that the posterior is a valuable commodity, which means that it is no longer number two on the list of popular procedures. Once believed to be an annoying asset, the idea of larger, firmer buttocks was one that used to be rejected by a culture that valued a more petite look. However, this seems to be behind us as the trend in butt lifts grows.

It is speculated that the reason behind this new trend of larger posteriors stems from popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez, all of whom have an idealized hourglass figure that features a small waistline with a shapely backside. This new physical ideal has spread, and women are realizing that the thin look we often see in magazines is not the same one that will bring about the most positive attention.