The Best Body Sculpting Specialist in Miami

As we age our natural youth tends to fade away. Sometimes, parts of our body will begin to lose their youthful vigor. Our buttocks will tend to sag, breasts are no longer as perky as they once were, and many other undesirable side effects that come with age. What if there was a way you could prevent this from happening? Have you ever considered body augmentation? Well, Dr. Johnny is the best body sculpting specialist in Miami you can find!

Why should you consider plastic surgery and body augmentation? Well, here is so more information on how it can benefit you.

Dr. Johnny is a Specialist

Liposuction Dr. Johnny has a keen eye for detail when it comes to body augmentation. Rather than seeing what he does as a simple surgery, he approaches it as art. With his experience he’s performed many surgeries with success. Here is just a peek of some of the surgeries he has done and offers to his clients.

Liposuction Specialist in Miami

Liposuction is being able to slim down and reshape parts of your body. Many men and women who are physically healthy may have excess fat that refuses to leave. Liposuction fixes this problem. A small incision is made in the skin. Then a suction or vacuum device is inserted and sucks out the extra fat deposits. This procedure is not meant as a replacement for weight loss or physical health. Instead, it’s a way to help augment the body from stubborn fat that refuses to go away despite continued diet and exercise. There is always some risk that goes along with type of procedure. However, Dr. Salomon is experienced in this area of expertise. There is even an accredited Miami surgical facility to keep an eye on you as you heal from your surgery. Insuring you have the best optimal care at your fingertips.

Tummy Tuck Specialist in Miami

After you’re liposuction sometimes there is excess skin leftover. Say you had liposuction done on your tummy, right above your abdomen. Skin will not snap back after a liposuction is done. What a tummy tuck does is reduce the appearance of excess skin over middle and lower abdomen. It also tightens the muscles of the abdomen wall helping to give your body the appearance of a tighter belly. This procedure can also be performed along with the liposuction procedure. This is to help eliminate fat deposits that can still be found along the body. A tummy tuck will help to shape the contours of your body and give you a better figure.

Breast Augmentation Specialist in Miami

Have you ever wanted a more curvaceous figure? Maybe the symmetry of your body is off due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or even age. Breast augmentation is probably a good option for you then. Breast augmentation can go a variety of ways, but depends on the individual needs of each person. How it works is the breasts are raised with surgery. The breast is then reshaped and excess skin is tightened around the surrounding tissue. This procedure produces the look and feel of your breasts that you desire. It can help firm your breasts up, or to just help balance the natural symmetry of your body. Allowing for the contours to balance out and bring out the already beautiful, natural curves of your body.

Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist in Miami

Perhaps you want neither of the above procedures. What about your buttocks? As we grow older our buttocks begin to naturally sag. Before, it was just accepted as the inevitable that would happen. However, with today’s technology