Is the Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL Right for You?

The Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL is a procedure that utilizes fat grafting and liposuction in order to enlarge your buttocks. The fatty tissue that is liposuctioned out will then be placed in your buttocks in order to enhance the shape and the size.

In order to have the procedure done, you will have to visit your doctor to determine whether or not you are a candidate for the treatment. If you are, then you should be sure that you find out as much information as possible about the procedure prior to moving forward. This will help you make an educated decision regarding whether or not this is a procedure you would like to have completed.

How the Brazilian Butt Lift Miami is Done

If you have decided that a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL is right for you, the first part of the treatment will be liposuction. This will be in your hip area, as well as the lower part of our back and the area that is directly below your buttocks. Some other areas of your body may also undergo liposuction in order to collect enough fat to achieve the desired results.

Additionally, when the area beneath your buttocks, your hops and the lower back are liposuctioned, then it will help to future accentuate your buttocks. The fat that is then grafted back into the buttocks will increase the size, helping to show off the definition even future. This helps this be one of the most successfully techniques that is currently used.

Is the Miami Brazilian Butt Lift Right for You?

The majority of patients that undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure are in their late teens up to their mid-30s. There are also some men who will have this procedure completed from time to time. In most cases, patients hat have this treatment state that their buttocks are not proportional to the remainder of their body – the most popular complaint is that it is too flat and too small. Also, most patients will also have some level of fatty tissue on their lower back, on the top of their buttocks, on their thighs and their hops and even beneath their buttocks.

In most cases, those who undergo this treatment also have skin that is in good and non-saggy condition. However, if you have skin that is saggy, you can undergo the surgical butt lift, which will eradicate this issue, and then follow that procedure with a Brazilian lift. If a person does not have any excess of fatty tissue present, then they would not be a good candidate mainly because of the fact that there is not enough tissue present to take from that can be added to the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL

Recovery Time for the Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL

After undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL treatment, the recovery period is considered moderate. You will feel tender where the liposuction was completed, and likely be given a pain medication for the tenderness that you experience. However, unlike the actual recovery period for the liposuction, you will also not be able to sit down on your buttocks for a period of 10 days and up to two weeks after completion of the procedure. This is necessary to ensure that the fat that has been transferred is able to be infused with a blood supply and that it will be able to grow and live on its own in its brand new environment. If you sit on your buttocks then this will keep the blood supply from being able to reach the brand new fat cells. This means that they won’t survive and that you will lose the correction that has been obtained. Just like after having liposuction performed, you will need to wear a compression garment.

What You Should Expect with the Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Miami

The actual results that will be achieved will vary. This is based on the total amount of fatty tissue that will be able to survive and the total amount of fatty tissue that is actually grafted. In most cases, 60 percent to 80 percent of the tissue that has been transferred into its new location in the buttocks will make it.

Right after the surgery is completed, you will immediately take notice that you have a larger bum. There are two causes of this enlargement: the new fat that is present and the swelling that will occur after the surgical procedure. In most cases, the swelling will be gone in a period of three up to six weeks, which will provide you with the final result.

If you are considering undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami FL, you need to be aware of all the factors that are present. With the information here, you have the basic procedure and what you should expect each step of the way. This will help you feel confident in the decision that you made and that it is right for your particular needs. Also, be sure that you select a reputable surgeon to complete the procedure, since a mess-up could cause a number of consequences for you. Be sure to look at the before and after pictures of other customers to ensure that your butt lift goals will be achieved.