What you need to know about your Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the downsides of getting older is that everything seems to sit a little lower on our bodies. Unfortunately that includes the derriere. But, fortunately medicine and science work in favor of our sagging bums. There’s nothing more rewarding than feeling sexy when you slip into your favorite dress and head out for a night out on the town or when you feel great rocking your new bikini when you head out to party on the beach. If you don’t like the way your butt looks or if it falls flat or is starting to droop, we can help get your body beach ready and perky in no time.

If you want to get a little lift back in the rear, you may be considering a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami Fl. Before you schedule your appointment, there are a few things you should know about the procedure. Having a little knowledge before you go can ensure you understand and feel comfortable with the procedure and the results.

How does a Miami Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

Miami Brazilian butt liftOne of the best parts of a Miami Brazilian butt lift is that it uses your own body fat to perk up your butt. Doctors use liposuction to remove fat from other areas of your body, usually the thighs and stomach and move that fat to your butt. The procedures tend to vary among surgeons but generally, the fat is taken from different areas of your body, purified and then injected into the top portion of your butt.

Not all of the fat that is taken out of your body will be re-injected. The fat is put into your buttocks through a series of small injections. Depending on the amount of fat, it could be several hundred small injection. Your surgeon will vary the depth and locations of each injection to ensure the right proportions. The amount of fat used depends on two main factors: how much fat was collected from your body and your body proportions. Your doctor is qualified to use the right types of fat to get the best and longest-lasting results.

What to expect following your Brazilian butt lift Miami

As with all surgeries there are some things you need to know about recovery and what to expect following your procedure. Following instructions given by your surgeon is extremely important. Failure to follow post-surgery practices could result in infection or other complications. Here are a few of the most common instructions you are likely to be given following your Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami:

Stay off your butt for three to four weeks:
There is fairly decent amount of recovery time for this procedure because in addition to having fat injected into your buttocks, you’ll also have had liposuction procedures in other areas of your body. Avoiding sitting directly on your butt will give the fat injections time to settle in, this ensure better results. Also, it’s more than likely that sitting will be a little uncomfortable for a little while.

You will need to take time off of work. Two or three weeks will likely be essential. You may want to consider a pillow or cushion once you go back to work, if you have an office job. You should sleep on your side or stomach.

Avoid vigorous exercise:
As with most surgeries, you will need to avoid vigorous exercise for at least four weeks. This gives your body time to fully recover from the surgery. You should also avoid swimming and sitting in pools and hot tubs for at least four weeks to reduce the risk of infection.

Walk Around:
Walking may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s the best way to ensure that you don’t develop blood clots during your recovery. Try to walk for a few minutes every hour or so, as soon as you can, following your surgery to encourage proper blood flow.

Follow medication instructions:
You will be given pain medication to help relieve pain symptoms. These symptoms will usually subside within two or three weeks. If the pain medication doesn’t help, contact our office so we can make sure there aren’t other issues.

Wear your compression garments:
For the first two weeks you will be required to wear a compression garment 24-hours a day for the first two weeks following surgery. This helps reduce excessive swelling. You can remove the garment to shower but should put it back on again, once you are finished.

If you want the best results and to avoid painful complications, follow any recovery instructions you are given. You are only a few weeks away from being a perky example of a Brazilian butt lift before and after in Miami.

Brazilian Butt Lift cost in Miami

Cosmetic surgery is a great tool. With many advances in the medical and science fields we are able to do more and make you feel better faster. But (no pun intended), the cost of these procedures can often scare potential patients away. At our plastic surgery and med spa we make an effort to ensure that you feel good about yourself. We offer a rewards program that can help you save money on your next visit. Additionally, we offer free consultations. Come in today and learn more about what a Brazilian Butt Lift could do for you.