How Does Breast Augmentation in Miami Work?

Breast augmentation Miami is not always the easiest subject to talk about. People often feel shy or anxious when they discuss issues they have with their breasts to a plastic surgeon. The truth is that many women feel uncomfortable with the way their breasts look or feel as they age. These issues can be corrected and there are many treatment options available. You should always feel comfortable with the way you look. Getting Miami breast augmentation helps correct a natural problem in an easy, affordable way.

What Problems Can Breast Augmentation Surgery Miami Correct?

Breast Augmentation Surgery Miami residents undergo is generally used to restore volume or fullness to the breast. The procedure changes the size and shape of the breast so that it creates a curvier figure or younger look. Issues with symmetry may also be addressed during the treatment.

Women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for a number of different reasons. Speaking with a plastic surgeon can help you discover if the treatment will help you achieve your goals. You will also learn if the issues you want to address can be solved with the plastic surgery treatment.

How Miami Breast Augmentation Surgery Works

Breast augmentation MiamiOnce you decide to get breast augmentation in Miami, it is important to understand the exact steps that need to be taken before and after the surgery. Plastic surgeons take very specific steps during the procedure, but the success of the treatment relies on how you care for your body. You need to ask your plastic surgeon care questions before your surgery date. They may have specific requirements as to what you need to do a week before treatment, the day of your treatment and right before your treatment.

Specific instructions for your body before your Miami breast augmentation may include:

  • Specific diet foods
  • Limiting food or water before treatment
  • What type of support bra to wear

Your breast augmentation surgeon may also provide you with specific instructions to follow after your treatment. They should be able to give you an estimated recovery time and tell you what activities you cannot do during this time. They may even help you determine what follow up procedures you need to have done. Adhere to these instructions as closely as possible and be upfront in discussing your lifestyle with your plastic surgeon.


How the Breast Augmentation Procedure Works

On the day of the procedure, your plastic surgeon will start by giving you medication. An anesthetic will allow you to be asleep during the process. This not only makes it more comfortable for you, it also keeps you from moving as the plastic surgeon works in this delicate area.  There are several options when it comes to pain killers and anesthesia, so your plastic surgeon will be able to find the option that is best suited for your body.

Before administering the anesthetic or medication, the plastic surgeon will ensure that you are comfortable. Procedures are generally very quick and you will not be awake very long; however, it is important that your body is relaxed.

Next, the plastic surgeon will make the incision. In breast augmentation, small incisions are made in areas that have very limited visibility. There is a lot of flexibility in the placement of the incision, so you should be able to find a location that you are comfortable with. Your plastic surgeon will make recommendations before the process and describe this exact step in greater detail.

Implants are then placed inside the breast to help it appear fuller. This smoothes out the skin and creates a youthful appearance. The implant can be placed under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue, depending on the work being done. Enlargements usually require more filling materials.

Once the surgeon has placed the implant inside the breast, he or she will stitch the incision. This process is done with great care to help avoid infections or openings. Your surgeon will also inspect the area to ensure the implant hasn’t been punctured during the stitching.

How to Care for Yourself After a Miami Breast Augmentation

There are specific steps that need to be taken to care for your breast augmentation before and after Miami. Your surgeon should go over these details again after you wake up. There are usually specific care instructions that need to be followed for the first week after treatment. During a follow up appointment, the plastic surgeon will discuss personalized care for the following weeks.

For about 48 hours after treatment, you will feel swollen and some pain. During this time, it is important that you rest and avoid strenuous activities. Even if these activities don’t involve your breasts, you should avoid things like running or playing sports. In addition, you may need to be excused from work in order to give your body time to heal.

To learn more about breast augmentation cost Miami, contact a trusted plastic surgeon in your area. Dr. Salomon is an experienced plastic surgeon in Miami that will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. He will also be able to help you decide if this treatment option is right for you and your lifestyle. Call today to make an appointment and get the personalized attention you need to make a decision.