Dr. Salomon is the best, most experienced breast augmentation surgeon in Miami! 

breast augmentation surgeon in MiamiIf you have been thinking about getting a breast augmentation in Miami but have no idea which plastic surgeon to choose, your look ends here. We at Dr. Johnny Salomon’s Plastic Surgery and Med Spa want to be the only plastic surgeon you ever turn to in Miami. Dr. Salomon’s expertise when it comes to Miami breast augmentation surgeries is unsurpassed when you compare him to other breast augmentation Miami surgeons. The difference between Dr. Salomon’s plastic surgery office and other plastic surgeons in the South Florida area who perform breast augmentation surgery Miami is that we form a relationship with our patients so we can truly understand their wants and need when it comes to them getting a major surgery such as breast augmentation. Dr. Salomon wholeheartedly believes in working with the patient before and after surgery to make sure that they are completely happy with the before and after.

We will work with each and every patient to figure out what type of breast implants and what size will work for them, aesthetically and medically. Dr. Salomon will never steer you the wrong way when it comes to figuring out type and size. Although your wants are taken into account completely, your body’s needs and medical issues need to be taken into account seriously and Dr. Salomon will always speak to you about these issues and adjust your plan accordingly. By selecting Dr. Salomon’s Plastic Surgery and Med Spa as your Miami plastic surgeon, you are assuring yourself of a relatively stress-free surgery and an easy road to recovery post-surgery. Dr. Salomon and our office will be there for you every step of the way to make sure your surgery goes as smooth as possible! We know you will be 100% satisfied with your breat sugmentation before and after Miami results, so call us today to set up an initial consultation and see where we can take you!

Figuring out the details: Implant type, size and breast augmentation cost Miami

There are many different decisions that must be made during the process of getting a breast augmentation done. One of the largest factors that must be carefully looked at when getting breast augmentation done is the cost of it. When it comes to a major surgery such as this, you do not want to skimp on quality for affordableness. It is best to spend a little extra on surgeon such as Dr. Salomon who has extensive experience and will customize your experience entirely for your wants and needs, instead of a surgeon who charges less, but sees you just as a number. Your cost of breast augmentation surgery will include hospital fees, surgeon fees, time spend, anesthesia and the actual implants. The cost varies depending on what you are specifically receiving and if a breast lift will be included in the procedure. Contact Dr. Salomon to get a detailed price for your surgery.

The other factor of breast augmentation surgery that must be looked at very carefully is the type of breast implant you will choose. There are two options: saline and silicone. Each has different benefits and it’s important that if you are thinking about breast augmentation surgery, you know the differences. Saline implants are filled with salt water and Silicone implants are filled with a plastic gel. Although silicone may give you a more natural look, if they do burst then it is more dangerous. Saline can absorb into the body with no problem since it is just salt water. You have to be 22 to get silicone implants and 18 to receive saline-filled implants. Dr. Salomon will discuss more in-depth the differences between the two and see which one will be better for your in the long-run.

Other things to think about when you are in the process of scheduling your breast augmentation surgery is the fact that breast implants do not last forever. Be prepared to have them redone in a decade or so. Also remember that although complications do exist, we at Dr. Salomon’s office seek to minimize them and ease your worries in this area. Although the first few weeks in recovery will be rough, after the initial week or so, the pain and soreness will subside and your new breasts will begin to feel completely natural and at home in your body.

The size that you choose to receive with your breast augmentation surgery has a lot to do with aesthetics. There is no right size for one body, each person’s right size is different and unique to them. However, it should be noted that there should always be limits when it comes to breast size. They should be manageable and fit with your body type. When choosing the size for your breast augmentation, remember to keep in mind that very petite body frames can have issues with large breasts which include back problems. Your size that you choose for your surgery should suit your wants, but also suit your body type, as well. For many people, the choice to receive a breast augmentation surgery comes from the issue of being unhappy with breast size leading to self-esteem problems in that area. Remember that becoming a larger breast size is only one piece of the puzzle. Although breast augmentation can certainly improve your self-esteem, you should also remember to be happy and have a positive outlook on life no matter what.