Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

Undergoing a mastectomy can be a traumatic procedure, but can be necessary in order to avoid having to battle the trauma of cancer.  Unfortunately, the need for this procedure and the results after can cause patients to have a diminished self-esteem. Many patients elect cosmetic surgery following a mastectomy, specifically breast augmentation or reconstruction, to assist with returning their breast to how they once appeared.

The two options following a mastectomy are immediate and delayed breast reconstructions. As the former implies, immediate reconstruction is performed at the same time of the mastectomy. This procedure has many advantages, mostly due to the fact that the remaining breast tissues do not undergo damage from internal scarring or radiation therapy. The additional benefit to immediate breast reconstruction is that the patient does not have to undergo a second surgical procedure.

While immediate breast reconstruction is often preferred, not all patients are candidates. Patients who require additional therapy following a mastectomy may need to wait some time prior to undergoing another procedure.

As with every surgical procedure, there are concerns to consider when thinking about undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. It is important that you speak with your surgeon about your needs so they can determine if breast reconstruction is right for you.