Dr. Jhonny Salomon: The Premier Liposuction Specialist in Miami

Dr. Jhonny Salomon: The Premier Liposuction Specialist in Miami

Cosmetic surgery is art. That’s what we believe at the Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. Even still, belief isn’t enough. What matters more is our ability to deliver the world’s best treatments to our clients—to translate an aesthetic vision into reality. Time and again, we’ve proven our ability to do so, surpassing every expectation, whether for rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, or any of our many other cutting-edge procedures.

The Path to Becoming the Leading Liposuction Specialist in Miami

The renowned Dr. Salomon has been lauded for his exceptional attention to detail, which translates into highly refined results for his clients. This attention to detail, combined with his broader artistic vision, has brought considerable notoriety. Dr. Salomon has been featured on national television programs, appearing on Bravo TV’s Miami Slice, Discovery Health Channel, Telemundo, and the major television network NBC.

Board certified since 1999 by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Salomon’s training includes a General Surgery residency at the University of Connecticut, completed in 1995, and a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at prestigious Brown University during 1995–97. These two training programs were followed by a fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, located in Dallas.

After completing his formal training, Dr. Salomon has continued to stay at the forefront of his field, serving since 1997 on the editorial board of the journal Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery. He is a regular contributor to various scientific and medical journals, and also speaks at plastic surgery forums. He has shared his expertise with the public through a range of popular national and international magazines.

Dr. Salomon is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, and the American Medical Association. Locally, he is part of the Greater Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons, Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons, and Dade Medical Society.

Liposuction from Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa

Also known as liposculpture or lipoplasty, liposuction procedures remove fat deposits from underneath the skin with a vacuum device. The suction is effective at removing fatty deposits from specific areas of the body, most often the buttocks, thighs, arms, and chins, in addition to areas just above the hips—the “love handles.”

Importantly, anyone considering liposuction should understand its limitations. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for general physical fitness but rather a method of targeting specific areas of stubborn fat that might remain even in the body of someone who otherwise enjoys a fit and toned physique.

Additionally, liposuction is not designed to entirely eliminate loose skin or cellulite. However, Dr. Salomon offers a blend of other procedures to help manage these additional needs. It’s one of the many benefits our patient enjoy by selecting the leading liposuction specialist in Miami.

For those searching for a tummy tuck specialist in Miami, Dr. Salomon’s expertise in liposuction is effectively paired with a tummy tuck procedure for maximum results. A tummy tuck, formally known as an abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from the lower and middle abdomen while also tightening abdominal wall muscles. At our facility, we provide both full and mini tummy tucks, with the latter focusing on fat deposits located below the navel.

A combined liposuction and tummy tuck procedure can reduce abdomen protrusion with the tummy tuck while employing liposuction to restore the contours around your hips and midsection.

Choosing What’s Best for Your Body

Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. It is a choice both to look your best and feel the best about the way you look. When you search for a surgeon, be sure to choose someone who has committed his life to becoming the top liposuction specialist in Miami, the top facelift specialist in Miami, the top nose surgery specialist in Miami—in every surgical subset, Dr. Salomon has achieved these accolades through innate talent and thousands of hours of surgical experience.

Any procedure carries with it a certain degree of risk, and cosmetic surgery has its own small set of risks for complications. Dr. Salomon’s years of experience offer his patient not only the finest but also the safest cosmetic surgery practices. Peace of mind comes through his exceptional skills in addition to his willingness to spend time with every client discussing an upcoming procedure. Before you begin any procedure at our facility, you’ll feel confident that you have made the right choice for you.

While the leading factor in any cosmetic surgery decision, the highest caliber surgeon isn’t the only benefit of choosing the Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. Our Miami location is designed to make your experience relaxing and enjoyable. We put the same effort into the design of our client rooms and waiting areas as we do into our state-of-the-art procedures. At our facility, you’ll enjoy warm and thoughtfully decorated rooms, as well as comfortable waiting and recovery areas.

The result is that, from the first time you call until well after a procedure is complete, no detail is left unmanaged, no personal comfort ignored. We think that highest of standards is what you should expect from every interaction with a cosmetic surgery center, or any other experience focused on you. Dr. Salomon has demonstrated an ability to meet and exceed that standard year after year.

If you’re considering liposuction or other cosmetic procedures, we offer free consultations. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the full range of services we provide and which procedure or treatment will best suit your goals. Just get in touch with us via email or telephone to get started today.