Ear Reconstructive Surgery

We all have a certain part of our body that we dislike or wish to change and for many it’s the ear. Very close to the face, it’s a body part that stands out and many hold an insecurity to.

The types of ear reconstructive surgeries vary based on the needs of the patient and it is important that your surgeon be familiar with all areas and characteristics that make this body part so unique.  Often times, patients seek ear reconstructive surgery to correct proportion or to correct the fold.

Dr. Jhonny Salomon’s Miami cosmetic surgery office is very familiar with the concerns of patients pertaining to the ear and can tackle this procedure with the precision needed for a successful outcome.  Ear reconstructive surgery is a rather painless and quck procedure, typically lasting less than an hour. Following the procedure, you can expect post-operative swelling  for approximately one to two weeks.

It is important that you select a surgeon for ear reconstructive surgery who has artistic vision and attention to detail.  Contact Dr. Jhonny Salomon today to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss the details and recovery related to ear reconstructive surgery.