The four stages of Facelift Recovery

Some people put off scheduling their facelift surgery because they believe that the facelift recovery process is a lengthy and drawn out process. We’re happy to say, this is the furthest from the truth.

In this post, we will break down the 4 stages of facelift recovery and you will see that in no time, you’ll be able to flaunt your beautifully, refreshed new look.

Stage #1: Relax and Take it easy

During this stage, you need to do just what the title says- take it easy.

This stage lasts approximately 1 to 7 days. During the first two days you may feel a little tired and queasy due to the anesthesia. This will soon pass and by days, 2 & 3 you should feel comfortable to begin moving around. You will most likely be on pain medication still so it’s important that you pace yourself and refrain from driving. Towards the end of this first week, you will start to regain some energy and be able to handle some light walks and basic stretching. Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself.

Stage #2: Getting Better and Becoming More Active

Good news! Your doctor should be removing the staples this week and within the next week you should see the bruising and swelling go down. You can hold off on the heavy stuff for a bit yet, but if you like, you can do a little more exercise. Try to get outside for some fresh air. While the bruising might deter you from wanting to be seen in public, it’s important that you get out of the house and begin socializing. You can even begin applying makeup near the incisions to make the surgery less noticeable.

Stage #3: Almost There

You’re now entering weeks 3 and 4. Your skin should be smoother and by now the swelling has gone down substantially. You may have already gotten comfortable enough to go back to work and begin returning to your usual routine.

While you may look and feel better, it’s important that you keep in mind the fact your body is still healing from your Facelift. The Miami sun is very strong so it’s important that you apply an SPF and stay away from exposing your facial scars to the sun. 10-20 minutes of sun exposure is more than enough to give you the Vitamin D you’re craving. Excessive sun exposure can darken your scars and result in skin damage that cause additional wrinkles.  During this stage, you can also increase your physical activity and begin light aerobics if you wish. Keep clear of the heavy activity for a bit longer; You’re almost there.

Stage #4: You’ve reached the finish line

You’re now nearing 30 days after your facelift surgery and you should be just about back to normal. You will notice some faint scaring, if all goes as planned this will fade within the year. To ensure this, it is important that you follow the instructions outlined by your surgeon. By now, the puffiness and bruising should be completely gone. You’re looking refreshed and years younger. It’s time to show off this new look to friends and colleagues; be ready to take in all the compliments!

These recovery stages take about 30 days to complete and by the end of it, you look years younger and more refreshed.

As with any surgical procedure, it’s important that you select a Miami surgeon who is fully accredited with extensive experience in facelift surgeries. Once you’ve discussed your expectations with your surgeon, the process to a new you is simple and carefree.

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