Freeze The Fat Away! | CoolSculpting

Weight-loss is a battle many struggle with. Despite efforts to maintain a healthy life and exercise regularly, it often seems impossible to rid ourselves of those taunting muffing tops, love handles, and belly bulge.

With the summer season in full swing, BBQs and summer soirees are filling our calendars making it virtually impossible to maintain the beach body we worked so hard for. This being said, Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa has the secret to regaining that beach sexy body, while enjoying all that summer has to offer.  In as little as three weeks, you can freeze your fat away with CoolSculpting!

Approved and patented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CoolSculpting gently cools unwanted fat cells in treated areas to induce a natural and controlled self-elimination. Based on science developed by the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, this breakthrough is based on extensive research that has proven the theory that fat cells are more susceptible to cold and are selectively, painlessly and permanently destroyed. Starting several weeks after the procedure, cooled fat cells begin a process called “apoptosis” causing them to shrink and disappear. The body then begins a natural process to gradually eliminate the cooled fat cells, while reducing the thickness of the fat layer under the skin. This method successfully reduces fat in treated areas without the risk of harming surrounding tissues.

During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator precisely targets fat by delivering controlled cooling to the desired treatment area. These cooling temperatures consequently freeze and kill the fat cells underneath the skin. Once crystallized, your body begins the natural elimination process.  On average, patients begin to see significant results after approximately three weeks of treatment. While each CoolSculpting procedure results in an undeniable reduction of fat, patients notice the most dramatic result over a period of two to four months. CoolSculpting can be combined with additional treatments for more dramatic results.

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