Can our Liposuction Specialist in Miami Benefit You?


Can you benefit from contacting our liposuction specialist in Miami?


Liposuction has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by a board-certified liposuction specialist in Miami. Although liposuction is not a technically difficult procedure, it requires thoughtful planning and an artistic eye to achieve aesthetically pleasing postoperative results.


In fact, the goal of the liposuction surgery is to remove “target” fat, leaving the desired body contour and smooth transitions between suctioned and non-suctioned areas. Careful selection of patients and proper surgical technique help avoid contour irregularity, and diligent preoperative care of the patient helps avoid postoperative complications. Liposuction has evolved over the last several decades, with the introduction many new techniques such as:

  • Tumescent techniques
  • Super-wet techniques
  • Ultrasonic liposuction
  • Power-assisted liposuction
  • Laser-assisted liposuction

These advances have made the removal of larger volumes of fat with less blood loss easier and safer. However, large volume liposuction is a more complex and physiologically different procedure than traditional liposuction, in which small volumes of fat are removed. Unfortunately, the increasing number of potential patients makes it relatively easy for inadequately trained or inexperienced physicians to encounter disastrous complications or even death when performing large volume liposuction. Conversely, experience has shown that when properly trained liposuction specialist in Miami performs liposuction under ideal conditions, it is a safe and effective procedure for removing excess fat with low complication and morbidity rates.

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Are you interested in speaking to a breast augmentation specialist in Miami?


A great deal of safety research combined with more than 40 years of clinical experience has proven the efficacy and relative safety of hiring a breast augmentation specialist in Miami. The complication rate of silicone implant surgery approaches that of any clean elective procedure. To date, no convincing evidence exists of any systemic disorder attributable to silicone. As these are artificial devices, they have a failure rate and, in some patients, can require a significant amount of surgical maintenance. As with all natural body parts, these artificial substitutes may be subject to injury or disease and, when viewed from that perspective, have favorable risk-benefit characteristics. Surgery for insertion of the devices can be performed under local or general anesthesia and is usually an outpatient procedure. The incision for cosmetic insertion most commonly is made along the lower edge of the areola, in the axilla, or in the infra-mammary fold. For post-mastectomy reconstruction, the existing surgical scar usually is used for access. All of the normal risks of surgery and anesthesia can occur with breast augmentation or reconstruction. These risks can include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Change in nipple sensation
  • Malposition (hyposensitivity, hypersensitivity)
  • Poor healing
  • Anesthetic accidents

However, you should know that these risks can occur at a rate that is similar to that in any clean surgery in this area on healthy patients. This procedure is as safe as any procedure can be, so go ahead and call our breast augmentation specialist in Miami to see if you can be a part of our before and after!


What should you ask when looking for a tummy tuck or liposuction specialist in Miami?


If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, or calling a liposuction specialist in Miami, it’s your job to become an informed consumer. Selecting a qualified doctor, with a lot of training and experience in the procedure you’d like to get, is essential. Make sure to ask the right questions to get the best treatment. These questions can include:

  • In which state is the doctor licensed to practice surgery?
  • Is the doctor board certified? With which board?
  • How many years has the doctor performed this type of surgery?
  • Does the doctor have life-saving equipment and monitoring devices?
  • Who administers the anesthesia? Ideally, this person is a board-certified anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist.
  • What are the risks of the procedure?
  • What is the expected recovery for the procedure you’re having?

In addition to these questions, you will also want to be sure to check out your doctor’s credentials. If you’re thinking about having your surgery in the doctor’s office, there are advantages and disadvantages. The office might be convenient, private, and have more amenities than a hospital or ambulatory care center (non-emergency, outpatient facility). But it may not be safe. Don’t assume that the doctor has the right credentials or the right equipment to keep you safe in the office. Also make sure to do some research before hiring your tummy tuck or liposuction specialist in Miami. Contact our office today to get the answers that you are searching for.


Are you the appropriate candidate to speak with our facelift specialist in Miami?

Plastic surgery is a very serious thing to consider, and finding the right facelift specialist in Miami is much like a tattoo artist. This is because a facelift specialist in Miami will change a person’s body, and if that person is not doing it for the right reasons, that person will end up very disappointed in the results. The ASPS lists certain traits of people who may be inappropriate candidates for surgery. Patients in crisis, such as those who are going through divorce, the death of a spouse, or the loss of a job, may be inappropriate. These patients may be seeking to achieve goals that cannot be met through an appearance change, goals that relate to overcoming crisis through an unrelated change in appearance is not the solution. Rather, a patient must first work through the crisis. Patients with unrealistic expectations, such as those who insist on having a celebrity’s nose, with the hope that they may acquire a celebrity lifestyle; patients who want to be restored to their original “perfection” following a severe accident or a serious illness; or patients who wish to find the youth of many decades past are listed. Also, there are the impossible-to-please patients, such as individuals who consult with surgeon after surgeon, seeking the answers they want to hear. These patients hope for a cure to a problem that is not primarily, or at all, physical. In addition to that, the patients who are obsessed with a very minor defect, and may believe that once their defect is fixed, life will be perfect may not be the right candidate either. Born perfectionists may be suitable candidates for surgery, as long as they are realistic enough to understand that surgical results may not precisely match their goals. Finally considered are patients who have a mental illness, and exhibit delusional or paranoid behavior, may also be poor candidates for surgery. Surgery may be appropriate in these cases if it is determined that the patient’s goals for surgery are not related to the psychosis. In these cases, a plastic surgeon may work closely with the patient’s psychiatrist. Because the changes resulting from cosmetic surgery are often dramatic and permanent, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of how surgery might make you feel, long before a procedure is scheduled with a facelift specialist in Miami.


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