Dr. J Salomon: The go-to Liposuction Specialist in Miami!

Whether you’re thinking of getting some basic botox or liposuction, Dr. J Salomon is the place to go. Looking your best is usually why anyone thinks of getting any procedures done – and Dr. Salomon is dedicated to helping you do that. He will help you to feel and look your best.

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery since 1999, Dr. Salomon has had years of practice helping people feel the very best about themselves. Whether it be reconstruction or cosmetics, he has had experience doing them all.

So what exactly is offered at Dr. Salomon’s office? We have surgeries ranging from botox to Breast Reduction, facelifts to liposuctions.  We have many options, all designed to help you look your best.  Not only is he a liposuction specialist in Miami, he will also help you with other projects to look your best, day in and day out.  What exactly do we offer?


Nose Surgery

liposuction specialist in MiamiAs a well-known nose surgery specialist in Miami, Dr. Salomon has seen his fair share of noses.  He’ll take the time to sit down with you and discuss your preferences. Together you will work to create the nose that you always imagined.  This is also something useful if you’ve broken your nose, or have a pesky deviated septum – Plastic Surgery isn’t just cosmetic!

With this project, he’ll spend time with you explaining the procedure, and making sure that you are knowledgeable of how things will turn out (after all, we want you to look your best – the way you want to look!), and checking with you to see how each step of the process is going. Planning before is important, but making sure that nose is healing properly is important as well – he’ll be there to help with that too.


Breast Reduction/Augmentation

As we’ve progressed throughout the years, there are more and more options for having the breasts you’ve always wanted.  For cosmetic, a breast augmentation is a procedure that Dr. Salomon has years of experience doing.  He will discuss with you the procedures used for a breast augmentation and help create a plan with you.  On the other side, he can also help you prepare for and undergo a breast reduction – whether due to medical problems or cosmetic, he is there to help you reach a level of comfort and confidence that you deserve.




Liposuction is a common procedure, well known among women. Here at Dr. Salomon’s, we can give you the waist, hips, and thighs you’ve always wanted.  Or we can get rid of that extra little bit of fat wherever you may find it.  Ask our patients, they’ll confirm that Dr. Salomon is the Best Liposuction Specialist in Miami.  He takes the time to make sure you get the results that you want! Whether you want to take some extra fat off of your stomach, or thighs, He can accommodate your needs.


How Do I know you have a good practice?

That’s easy!  Just take a look at our website before and after photos.  We take great pride in the work done here, and enjoy showing it off! We have a large list of procedures, all with a variety of examples for you to view.  Not only are these a wonderful way to see the work done at this office, it is also a useful way to see how something you want changed will look afterward.

In addition, don’t take our word for it, read some testimonials.  You can find them by a simple google search. Our clients take to paper, letting others know how they think. And we don’t put them on our website, because we don’t need to!  Our results speak for themselves, but the simple fact that our clients choose to give us fantastic reviews affirms those results.  With the ability to view and hear about the results, one simply can’t deny that Dr. Salomon is the Best of Miami.  He’s the best Liposuction Specialist, all the way to the best nose surgery specialist in Miami.


What are you waiting for?

breast reductionYou know you’re best you. You want to reach it, but maybe you’re having a little trouble.  Maybe it’s that last little post-baby pooch that just won’t go down.  Or that extra little deposit of fat. No matter what the reason is, you have a reason. That’s all you need. Wanting to achieve a change that allows you to feel your very best and most confident is well worth the inquiry. Not only will we answer your questions, we’ll help you achieve whatever goals you have in mind.  Whether you want a tummy tuck or a Rhinoplasty, Dr. Salomon can help you out.

The wonderful thing about Dr. Salomon – if you start to research and decide it’s not the right time at this exact moment – he has a very stable career/office and will likely be there when you do decide you want to make a change.  You won’t have to worry about going to multiple doctors for a procedure, or getting transferred like you might with a doctor who has yet to settle down or is near retirement. You get quality service, with a trusted surgeon, every time you come in. Dr. Salomon takes great pride in caring for his clients and being for them through every step of the journey to improve upon themselves.