The Medical Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Dr. Jhonny Salomon’s Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Miami offers many services designed to promote healing following cosmetic surgery. Among these are massages that include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD,) a technique that has many medical benefits.

The lymphatic system is responsible for your body’s ability to drain fluids, regenerate tissue, detoxify, and maintain a healthy immune system. A light, rhythmical massage performed by an expert in the field can help your body heal after a cosmetic procedure by regenerating tissue and thus reducing the scarring at points of surgical incision.

There are also other benefits from Manual Lymphatic Drainage, among them is the noted observation that an MLD helps boost your immune system. This form of massage therapy has also shown to have a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, meaning that it is a great relaxation technique for the entire body.

As with any detail related to a cosmetic procedure, you will want to discuss with your plastic surgeon whether or not Manual Lymphatic Drainage is right for you. Dr. Salomon’s office is equipped with many services that will help you maximize healing following surgery and with his help you will be able to find the best methods for you. His staff includes qualified Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioners who will be able to tailor this service to your specific needs.

Call Dr. Salomon’s Coral Gables office now to learn more about Manual Lymphatic Drainage and the various services linked to maximum healing following cosmetic surgery.