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Can Plastic Surgery in Miami Make You Happier

Having a Miami Plastic Surgery Facility and being a plastic surgeon in Miami, FL is our passion!  Dr. Salomon is an eminent Plastic Surgeon committed to the highest standards of medicine.  Many patients come in to see plastic surgeons in Miami believing cosmetic surgery will transform their lives. In some cases, this happens. Once the body recovers, it’s not unusual for patients to report increased confidence. They drop the things that have been nagging at them, sometimes for years at a time. With innovation, doctors aren’t limited to just one procedure at a time. You can get a breast lift, implants, tummy tuck, and facelift at once if you want to. All you need is the right financing options and a skilled surgeon.

Miami Plastic SurgeryFor example, it’s not unusual for patients to enhance their breasts by getting a breast lift and implants at the same time. Even more popular is the “mommy makeover.” This combo could include tummy tucks, breast implants, breast lifts, butt lifts, and more.

According to recent research, it’s about much more than how your body looks. Patients are talking about feeling better, even happier after surgery. Where’s the proof for the critical consumer?

Recent Studies Released by European Researchers Improve Your Options

European researchers introduced a study evaluating the long-term effects of cosmetic surgery. You don’t have to trust Miami plastic surgeons and hope for the best. Margraf, Meyer, and Lavallee wanted to know if plastic surgery could improve the quality of life for patients. They also wanted to know if the differences would last. Researchers aimed to account for temporary highs immediately after surgery, assessing the long-term outlook. As expected, patients reported feeling more confident and happy after surgery.

The study included 544 first time patients, 87% of whom were women. 264 of these patients considered surgery before, but for one reason or another, they decided against it. It also included 1,000 subjects who never considered cosmetic surgery. Subjects discussed their mental and physical health with medical professionals. This allowed researchers to avoid testing patients who would be turned away by qualified surgeons.

Researchers write test subjects who underwent the procedure “felt healthier, were less anxious, developed stronger self-esteem, and found their body to be more attractive.” What was the compromise? While recovery takes time and careful planning, patients reported no adverse effects.

This research is not isolated either. It followed earlier research conducted in 2008 at Cornell University. The previous study used 110 breast lift patients. Out of the 110 subjects, 95% reported feeling more confident, happier, and healthier post-surgery. Many patients also reported an enhanced sex drive and improvements in their relationships.

Screening Is Essential before Plastic Surgery in Miami

Before you undergo any surgery in Miami, plastic surgeons discuss the procedure and your expectations. We screen for a broad range of mental health issues with psychological evaluations. Why is this so important? These types of disorders can change your expectations making it impossible to meet your goals. Cosmetic surgery can change your body or your face. If you want bigger breasts, surgery can fix that. If you feel that your entire sense of self-worth relies on the perfect breasts or abs, though, you can’t see things objectively.

Doctors also look for physical health issues that could put you at a higher risk of surgical complications. These could be as common as high blood pressure or diabetes. Depending on your health, a physician might recommend lifestyle Plastic Surgery Miamichanges to reduce your risk. They could also take extra precautions to counteract the risk. If you are allergic to anesthesia or prescriptions drugs, surgeons can evaluate alternatives. Above all else, though, you have to be honest about your medical history.

Are there cases that slip through the cracks? When doctors do not screen patients, physical and mental health issues can slip through the cracks. Physical health issues could slow your recovery if you aren’t careful. If you face serious mental health struggles, surgery can’t resolve that. So patients keep coming back and spending more money to fix imagined issues. No matter how much they spend, they never get the desired effects.

If you meet the set standards, though, there is no reason not to see the results shown in many studies. If you are ready to explore your surgical options in Miami, visit our website and schedule a time to discuss your options.

When your looking for Plastic Surgery Miami  we encourage you to contact us and get all real information and benefits of your procedure