New Figures Show an Increase for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery has gained increased popularity in recent years. According to research from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures increased by 17 percent in the last year. It was recorded that 50,122 procedures were performed during this time. According to President of BAAPS, this trend is partly due to an upswing in the economy along with dissatisfaction from non-surgical procedures that failed to give the results that patients wanted.

These numbers indicate that breast augmentation surgeries increased by 13% in the UK. It was also revealed that this cosmetic procedure isn’t gender biased. The number of men seeking breast augmentation increased significantly. Liposuction also experienced a significant rise of interest with a 43% and 19% increase from women and men respectively.

This trend comes as no surprise as more people are seeking the help of plastic surgery to obtain the look that they want. These individuals have realized that, with the right procedure, they can get the appearance they want. Selecting the right surgeon is key for maximizing the results and ultimately increasing patient self-esteem.

As our culture continues to place great importance on physical appearance, there is no doubt that the rise in cosmetic procedures will increase. With this growing demand, it is important to keep in mind that invasive cosmetic procedures should be handled only by professional surgeons who are experts in their field. Prior to undergoing any surgical treatment, it is important that you consult with your surgeon to learn more about their credentials and to gain realistic expectations on your outcome.