How My Plastic Surgeon Marketing Agency Grew My Practice

I hope you enjoy our post on how my plastic surgery marketing company grew my practice. One of the hardest parts about working in the plastic surgery field today is simply finding clients. Clients want reputable surgeons who can restore their bodies and faces or talented doctors who can give them the features that they always wanted. My years of experience working on television and with clients gave me a unique perspective that helped me grow my business with help from a plastic surgeon marketing company. With more than 900 five-star reviews posted online, I know what clients want and need. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about online marketing and how an agency can help. It is important that the agency you consider be a Google partner

Online Presence

Any plastic surgery facility in the world today needs a strong online presence. Prospective patients turn to the web to not only find doctors but read reviews of the experiences that previous patients had. Before working with a surgeon marketing agency like, I had a limited budget but not as much of an online presence as I wanted. Working with other agencies provided my team with online strategies that we could use but not as much hands-on help as we expected. It wasn’t until we found the right company that our online presence grew to the point where it is now.

Organic Growth

Organic growth is the key to building a strong online reputation. A big mistake that some surgeons make is that they think that they can force changes to happen quickly. While Dr. Elvis went viral in 2020, he’s the exception and not the rule. Most patients would rather have a doctor they can trust rather than someone who made a big splash online and then seemingly disappeared. With organic growth, a surgeon will slowly see changes that happen in the coming weeks and months. This might include getting more calls from patients who want to set up consultations and seeing more people follow them online.

Formal Approach

Another mistake that I feel surgeons make is that they take a casual approach to online advertising. They assume that they can get followers who become patients with the same techniques that they used in the past, even if those techniques didn’t work. A good marketing agency that works with surgeons will take a formal approach to online advertising. Representatives will talk about what the surgeon wants and needs. They will also look at the current marketing campaigns that the surgeon used and any websites the office has. All of that information helps them come up with strategies that will build the business and guarantee results.

Social Media

It is almost impossible to succeed in the plastic surgery industry today without a strong social media presence. Many doctors think that they can simply add a Facebook page and update it every few weeks. When my plastic surgeon marketing company added more social media sites and worked with advertisers, I noticed increases in both my calls and inquiries. They utilized several of the tactics found on their 21 plastic surgeon marketing tips and ideas post. Not only did more patients call the office to schedule appointments, but more people interacted with my social media sites. As my social media presence grew, my online reputation also grew. Surgeons should take the time to interact with their followers, too. This might include reacting to the comments that they make or even replying to their comments. Instagram is one of the top social media sites for plastic surgeons. They can post before and after photos with permission from their patients and share photos of their offices.

Optimize Budget

A common complaint that I hear from other surgeons is that they don’t know how to optimize their budget. Optimizing a budget helps the client get more out of an advertising agency and ensures that the agency knows how much the client can spend. Far too many surgeons spend thousands on new equipment and upgrades to their offices. While that money will make the office more appealing to current clients, it doesn’t do anything to bring in new patients. I recommend that surgeons work with their agencies to decide how much they want to spend and that the techniques they choose fit that budget.

Act Today

Thanks to the internet, the world is constantly evolving. There is no time like the present to act and become more popular on the web. A plastic surgeon marketing agency has the skills necessary to take an office from just another facility to one that patients trust and want to visit. My experiences helped me realize the benefits of working with a good agency and building a relationship with my advertisers. I would highly recommend working with my plastic surgeon marketing company with experience in plastic surgery to any office or doctor who needs help.