"It’s the least uncomfortable clinic I’ve been to, I really enjoyed the ambiance and the way Dr. Salomon behaved, around me and around the staff as well. I had concerns over my chin implant, it turned out just fine, I can’t even feel the implant! You have no idea how relieved I was to get a good doctor and a good outcome of it. Highly, highly recommended."
- Dylan Mills
"The first few days following my abdominoplasty were the worse..auch…tummy tucks are not easy to go through especially if complications occur…I made a big mistake carrying some heavy flower pots when I wasn’t supposed to, this messed up the healing process, Dr Salomon did the best he could to help; he’s such a good surgeon, his tummy tuck wasn’t flawed, I’m angry at myself for making such a mistake…I’m better now thanks to Dr Salomon, I’m going for a check-up next week."
- Anja Christensen
"There are pltny of plastic surgeons in miami, but few match the professionalism and quality of work I’ve seen at dr jhonny salomon. my rhinoplasty results are amazing, you should’ve seen how my nose looked like months ago! recovery wasn’t as difficult as it is in other patients, luckily for me I had dr salomon to give me all the indications i neede3d to get it through the day 🙂"
- Alexander Reeves
"My body post pregnancy had a lot of excess fat accumulated and flabby skin that was really darkening my inner confidence. Had a mommy friend recommending me Dr. Salomon who performed a tummy tuck on me the following month. Now after several months since my abdominoplasty, I can say I do not regret my decision and would do it all over again!"
- Tania Neghin
"Dr. Salomon is not a good doctor, he’s a GREAT doctor. After experiencing a huge disappointment with a different surgeon, I ended up having liposuction at his medical facility. Recovery wasn’t as bad as I thought considering the amount of fat he removed from my torso. I’m still healing and I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing in the mirror."
- Frank Mars
"Dr. Jhonny Salomon is a great doctor, the office is absolutely beautiful, the staff is very friendly and attentive. I went there referred by my friend, and what a great experience. Dr. Jhonny takes his time with you, he makes sure that all the questions you might have are answer. I visited at list 5 different doctors and ultimately he was the best choice for me. His prices are not very accessible compare to other doctors, but he is worth it, besides when it comes to a plastic surgeon you don’t want to go with a cheap one.They offer every beauty treatment you can imagine in this place, from facial, to massages to reconstructive surgery, they have different doctors fro everything."
- JDenisse M., Miami, FL
"I first went to lori 5 years ago, i had to stop due to some costly home repairs and re-prioritizing my expenses.. this year i finally decided to continue with the laser hair removal investment.the new office (which isnt so new anymore, theyve been there for about 3 yrs) is absolutely amazing!!! super chic and clean and white while still relaxing. there is the doctors office side and the med spa side.ive been several times and they are always punctual and professional. lori is the best at what she does, very thorough and makes you very very comfortable while easing the slight pain of the candela machine – which is top of the line.i also got a facial there with a special birthday month promotion they were running (btw they are always running sales and promos if youre on the email list). it was awesome. my therapist was so sweet and gave me a great facial. i felt refreshed and my skin looked great for days. y abdominoplasty, I can say I do not regret my decision and would do it all over again!"
- Jen R., Miami, FL
"I agree with everything Kelly O said. I’m also a patient of Loris, she has the magic touch that makes unwanted hairs go away. I used to get my facials with Monica, but alas she left to persue a different career path 🙁 her facial were the best"
- Sarah S, Miami, FL
"The first time I went to Dr. Salomon’s new office I thought I was in an episode of Nip/Tuck. The decor is absolutely breathtaking. It is uber cool and modern: white, spare, and huge. The staff is very professional and friendly. I have been going to Loris for almost two years now for laser hair removal. I started with my bikini and that went so well that I have added my underarms and legs in the past year. She is meticulous and does a great job. I have not had an ingrown hair since I have been going to her. My skin is so smooth, it surprises me to think that it wasn’t always like this. I have also decided that Monica’s facials are probably the best in the city. My skin looks so great because of these wonderful ladies. I am so happy with their services and I know I need to spread the word!"
- Kelly O, Miami, FL