Surgical or Non-Surgical Facelift, which one is better for your skin?

Facial aging creeps up everybody. As the aging process takes a toll on the skin with fines lines and wrinkles, people look for alternatives to rejuvenate their skin. When it comes to facial age correction, or Facelift, one can avail of many options ranging from invasive, minimally invasive to non-invasive procedures. While all these surgical and non-surgical options aim to restore the youthfulness of the skin, the results and aftereffects are not similar. 

Dr. Salomon of Miami Performs a Full Facial Rejuvenation on a Patient
Dr Salomon of Miami Performs a Full Facial Rejuvenation on a Patient

With the windfall of technological innovation, people are more driven towards the non-invasive Facelifts that do not require going under the knife and offer minimal downtime. Is it beneficial when compared to the Traditional Facelift procedures? 

A pioneer in the field of Plastic Surgery, Florida-based Dr. Jhonny Salomon offers his years of experience to his patients in the art of using invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures to restore sagging, and other facial aging intricacies. He explains why non-surgical Facelifts are the best choice. 


Benefits and Similarities 

Surgical and non-surgical facial treatments like dermal fillers and skin resurfacing rejuvenate the skin that has been hampered by sun exposure, aging pr other environmental factors. These cosmetic procedures also improve the skin subtleties like wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin while adding a glow and volume to the face. When performed together surgical and non-surgical procedures maximize results. 


While Surgical Facelifts can turn back time on your appearance, it is invasive with risks associated and extended downtime. On the contrary, non-invasive facelifts offer an affordable alternative ushering subtler and natural-looking enhancements for the skin. As injectables only treat specific trouble spots on your skin, they do not affect your natural beauty instead, they enhance it. Non-invasive procedures are done when the patients are awake, so one can communicate with Dr. Salomon during the procedure and exercise full control over the final results. 

Surgical Procedures

 Among the various surgical facial procedures, below are a few with their pros and cons.

Facelift Procedure

Facelift mainly caters to facial rejuvenation. Though performed under safety standards, Facelift is invasive. With that said, deciding on to get a facelift is serious. A facelift is beneficial for skin conditions like 

  • Fat and saggy skin, that results in a less defined chin.
  • Distinguished jowls 
  • Deep skin folds producing thick lines around your mouth and nose.

A facelift can make you look younger in various ways.


  • Repairs loose skin
  • Tighten facial muscles.
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Improve facial contours.
  • Affordable.


  • Sufficient aftercare needed.
  • Risky process.
  • High Recovery Time.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can be categorized as:

  1. Upper eyelid surgery: Removes excess skin and rejuvenates eyes 
  2. Lower eyelid surgery:  Corrects eyelid hollowing and bags.


  • Wipes out eye puffiness.
  • Reduces fine lines at the eyes’ outer edges.
  • Diminishes eye bags around lower eyelids.
  • Eliminates hooded skin around upper eyelids.
  • Eliminates fat around eyes that hamper peripheral vision.


  • Slow recovery time. 
  • Bruising, Scarring and Swelling 
  • Asymmetrical eyes
  • Dryness and itching around the surgery area.
  • Temporary blindness and double vision that lasts a couple of hours. 

Non-Surgical Procedures 


Below are some of the non-surgical procedures: 

Non-Surgical Facelifts

Because of the increasing demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, individuals are opting for these increasingly. The various non-surgical facelifts include: 


  • Brief and affordable procedures
  • No serious pain involved.
  • Minimal Recovery time.
  • Natural look.
  • Minimal aftercare and lower risks involved.


  • Repetitive processes 
  • Regular touch-ups required.


Laser Treatments 

Thermage CPT before and after.

Laser treatments are used to address subtle aging signs. The cosmetic procedures include laser skin resurfacing and laser skin tightening. 


  • Long-lasting results.
  • Smoothens wrinkles.
  • Tightens skin.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Treats sun damage.
  • Treats acne scars.
  • Glowing Skin.
  • Stimulates collagen in the skin.
  • Eliminates age and brown spots.


  • The potential side effects depend on the powerful lasers used. They include darkening or lightening of the skin, cold sores, or scarring.
  • Maximum recovery time.
  • Skin becomes worse before it gets better.

Which procedure are you a good candidate for?

Be it invasive or non-invasive, people in good physical health are the most suitable candidates. Non-invasive procedures will subtly reverse the signs of aging but the treatments have to be taken regularly to keep up the effect. Said procedures are also suitable for people who have already undergone invasive Facelift.