Surgical Spotlight | Breast Augmentation with HSC Implants

It takes a skilled plastic surgeon to create the right look and when it comes to breast augmentation, choosing the right surgeon is as important as choosing the right implant. At Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa we provide our patients with not only the highest level of service, but also the best choices in implants to ensure the most natural outcome.

Dr. Salomon uses HSC round and HSC+ (High-Strength Cohesive Silicone) shaped implants that utilize a gel fill technology with a formulation unique to each implant shape. Both implants are available in varying shapes and sizes to allow your surgeon to create the most customized look specific to your body. Each style combines the HSC Silicone Gel interior with a durable outer shell that results in a soft, natural feel without sacrificing the integrity of the implant.

The textured or smooth HSC round and HSC + shaped implants allow surgeons to provide patients with a fuller, more dramatic appearance. Round implants are able to provide greater fullness in the upper portion of the breast whereas shaped implants are able to provide more fullness in the lower portion of the breast. Both implants are developed to provide drastic results while maintaining a natural look and feel.

The TRUE Texture® Surface is uniquely designed specifically to maintain the position of the implant in the body. The textured surface allows for less movement and lowers the chances of capsular contracture in which scar tissue covers the implant. You will need to discuss with your surgeon the various pros and cons related to smooth versus textured implants to see which option is most suitable for your needs. Contact 305.270.1361 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Jhonny Salomon to see if you’re a right candidate for breast augmentation surgery.


  • The only FDA-approved 5th generation round breast implants
  • Most cohesive round breast implants in the US
  • New High Projection and Moderate Plus Projection smooth round implants
  • Strength and softness in one implant
  • TRUE Texture™ and Smooth surface options
  • Covered by C3, the industry’s first Capsular Contracture Care Program


  • The only shaped implants filled with HSC+ silicone gel
  • Designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural breast
  • Softness without compromising shape retention
  • Highest resistance to gel fracture of any shaped implants in the US
  • Strongest gel-shell adherence for better upper pole shape retention
  • Covered by C3, the industry’s first Capsular Contracture Care Program

Breast Aug

The patient above underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Jhonny Salomon. She is shown two months post surgery and Dr. Salomon utilized the HSC + textured implant to produce beautiful and natural results.