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When looking for the most reliable, safe and comfortable establishment to perform breast augmentation, look no further than Dr. Johnny Salomon – Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, the best breast augmentation in Miami, Florida. Our luxurious facilities and professional staff are here to give you the best experience possible when it comes to plastic surgery and breast augmentation. Dr. Salomon works with you throughout the entire process from consultation to choosing the right implants or type of surgery to caring for you all the way through the recovery process. You will feel comfortable and cared for from beginning to end. Call us today at (305) 270-1361 or email us from our contact page on our website. Dr. Johnny Salomon is one of most qualified and experienced plastic surgeons available for breast augmentation in Miami, Florida. We want to assist you in getting the look and confidence you want!


Breast Augmentation Before and After Miami

Why choose breast augmentation? Women choose to have breast augmentation for many reasons. You may need reconstructive surgery or breast augmentation after dealing with disease. You may have matured with non-symmetrical breasts or with a look of elongated breasts. You may be unhappy with the look of your breasts in general or how they look after pregnancy or a substantial weight loss. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you choose the right surgery for you and get you started on the way to a new, more confident self. Breast augmentation can assist you in a more balanced look or a more curvaceous figure that conforms to how you want to look. Augmentation can improve the fullness, volume and projection of your breasts, leaving you feeling more confident and secure in how you look. Visit our website today at to view our gallery of breast augmentation before and after Miami photographs of satisfied customers.

See for yourself the difference breast augmentation can make in your appearance. Why wait? Call today and set up a consultative visit to see if breast augmentation surgery is right for you. Dr. Salomon is renowned for his pre-operative consultations. By conducting detailed examinations and having meaningful conversations with you, Dr. Salomon and his staff get to know what you expect and want from the experience of breast augmentation surgery. His desire for natural looking results and honest consultations will give you a realistic view of what options are available and what you can expect in terms of post-operative results. You can go into your breast augmentation knowing that your doctor has worked with you closely and you will have a realistic expectation of how you will look after the healing process has been completed.

breast augmentation in Miami, Florida


Miami Breast Augmentation

If you are looking into breast augmentation surgery, we are the best option for Miami breast augmentation. With our local facilities and our highly qualified staff, there is no better place in Miami to trust for something that is so personal. You want to feel comfortable when making decisions and having procedures. Stress is the last thing you need while making important decisions. Dr. Johnny Salomon – Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is the only choice for comfort and security in making decisions to feel and look your best. We want you to feel safe and secure when planning your surgery. Dr. Salomon has the experience you need for Miami breast augmentation. With academic accolades throughout his academic career and experience in premier facilities across the country as he practiced his craft of first general surgery and then plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Salomon is highly qualified in his profession. He has been Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery since 1999.

With over 10 years education and experience in top schools and hospitals and 15 years in private practice, Dr. Salomon is the only choice to make for such a personal decision as breast augmentation. He also contributes to his field with numerous presentations at conferences and published articles in scholarly medical and scientific journals. You could not hope for a more knowledgeable physician that cares about his field of medicine and continues to both learn and teach others. For Miami breast augmentation, Dr. Salomon is truly the only confident choice you can make to help you improve your confidence and look with breast augmentation surgery.

The best breast augmentation in Miami can only be found at Dr. Johnny Salomon – Plastic Surgery and Med Spa. Dr. Salomon considers every surgery he performs as important and as an art. No matter how simple or complex the procedure, Dr. Salomon considers it and you as important, giving you the best care possible. Dr. Salomon’s professionalism and care is desired by not only Miamians, but is sought out by customers both regionally and globally. The facilities are luxurious and can be used for all non-surgical procedures in comfort and confidence. There is also a professional surgical wing where patients can undergo procedures in comfort and discretion. You won’t be disappointed when using Dr. Johnny Salomon – Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

Visit our website at www. to explore all we have to offer at Dr. Johnny Salomon – Plastic Surgery and Med Spa. Or call (305) 270-1361 to set up a consultative visit. When visiting our web site, you can see all the procedures we offer in addition to breast augmentation and see before and after galleries. We look forward to serving you.