The Ultimate Miami Facelift

procedures2For many years, people have been searing for the fountain of youth, and they have done so with great passion. From the moment we know that we are eventually set to expire, there are a myriad of reactions from different people. Some will accept it quietly and try to live their lives the best they can. Some will try like mad to find a solution such as the fountain of youth(which we cannot prove actually exists), and then there are those who are simply worried about aesthetics. This is very important, actually, as our faces are literally the first thing a person will notice about us, and having a young, vibrant glow, free of wrinkles will go a long way in helping us to make a good impression. In addition to that, having a great countenance will help your self esteem, and that is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. So before you get started, what is a facelift in Miami, FL? Most importantly, how will it help you?

The aging process is something that affects us all, but unlike in the past, we now have a proper explanation. There are many different reasons for which an individual might show signs of aging, for example they could have extreme exposure to the sun for the majority of their lives, which causes the breakdown of elastin and keratin in the skin. There are those who would advocate a non surgical facelift Miami which utilizes chemicals, but keep in mind that while a non-surgical approach may work, it does not last nearly as long the surgical option. If you are considering the non-surgical option, weigh it heavily first.


Understanding the Facelift Surgery Miami

A facelift is also known as a Rhytidectomy, and is specifically designed to reverse the signs of aging. These signs are usually more prominent in the neck and face area, and by adding or removing fatty tissues to different parts of the face, a patient can actually regain several years of their youth.

The facelift procedure itself has changed significantly over the years, and it has advanced far beyond what it once was. These days, the typical procedure involves the tightening of the sub-muscular aponeuritoic system which serves to tighten the skin and elevate the cheeks.


Answering Specific Facelift Miami Questions

Just as with any surgical procedure there are questions that need to be answered, the most common of which is the ideal age of a facelift patient. Most patients do not suffer from sagging or a significant loss of elastin until later in life, which puts the typical age of a facelift patient around forty. This operation is available to both men and women so long as they are in good health and can withstand the procedure.

Finally we move on to one of the biggest questions: will the facelift last forever? The truth is that everyone, every single person is different and their bodies will react to the surgery in different ways. That being said, it is typically unknown just how long the surgery results will last, but it is known that they do last for many years. The only catch, is that aging will still continue after the facelift, meaning you will still sag, and eventually, you may need to seek another facelift procedure. They certainly last far longer than a chemical facelift!


How Long does it Take to Recover?

We understand that you are in a hurry to get back to work, but, after a procedure of this nature it is strong recommended that you stay away from work for a minimum of two weeks. Then again, it does depend upon the individual. Once the procedure is complete, you will need to speak with your doctor and allow us to perform a full examination to determine just how long it will take for you to experience a full recovery.

It might take some time for you to fully recover from a facelift surgery Miami but the results are something that you cannot argue with. It won’t be long before you have not only recovered, but also found that your face has taken on an entirely new life. You will feel younger, act younger, and ultimately feel better about yourself. It’s time to pay us a visit and sit through your initial evaluation. Your new life is right around the corner.