Understanding Fat Grafting

Fat is considered something one wants to get rid of on a regular day. But did you know that fat has a lot of benefits when it comes to enhancing your looks? In fact, it is rapidly becoming a choice to improve appearance. This procedure is called Fat Grafting. 

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat Grafting, also known as Fat Transfer, is a procedure that involves utilizing fat from the abdomen or inner thighs. These are used as fillers to be injected into areas that need improvements and are usually done together with Facelifts. The process is divided into three: fat harvesting, fat processing, and fat placement.

Fat harvesting or Liposuction must be done using the manual method. Using thin liposuction cannulas is recommended as the laser procedure may cause damage to the fat cells. The harvested fat then goes through the process of decantation and centrifugation. This separates the debris, excess fluids, blood, and dead cells from the adipose blood cells. It is done to make sure that the fat used is living and healthy.

The last step in Fat Grafting, fat placement. This step is where the fat is injected slowly into the tissue of the receiving area. It is transferred using small droplets to make sure that ample blood supply is ready for the fat to survive.


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Why Choose Fat Grafting?

  1. The use of your own fat reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions.
  2. It uses your own tissue so the transfer won’t be rejected.
  3. Lasts longer and more natural-looking compared to chemical-based dermal fillers.
  4. Minimally invasive. Highly rejuvenating.

Stem cells found in our adipocytes (fat cells) have a rejuvenating effect on the skin improving wrinkles, pores, and sun damage leaving your face fuller and skin rejuvenated.

Before Fat Grafting

Though this procedure is very striking, there are some things that you have to consider beforehand. In some cases, the patient doesn’t have enough good fat in donor areas which requires them to opt for another surgery. That being said, it is important to find the perfect surgeon who knows what is best for your needs in order for you to get the results you want.
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